Jasper TX - I'll Be Long Gone......

Recently supported Grouper in Manchester where he performed a soul absorbing set. His blend of ambient music is mainly guitar driven but when a layer of drums, voices, organs, toy pianos, field recordings and effects are added it becomes something quite special and unique.

Download : Jasper TX - I'll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You


Twi the Humble Feather - Music for Spaceships and Forests

An acoustic guitar trio from NYC whose sound is hard to describe, experimental minimalist space folk comes to mind. They don't use any "drums", but there are percussion sounds made from hitting the strings and wood of the guitars. No effects are used either, but there are some great use of vocals and interesting string scraping sounds that sound like they're coming from an electronic device.

Download : Twi the Humble Feather - Music for Spaceships and Forests

Mark McGuire - A Pocket Full of Rain

Guitar driven sci-fi drone by a young guy from Cleveland,Ohio. This isn't heavy though, there are some really beautiful trance inducing melodies. I'm a big fan of his music, you should be too. Highly recommended.

Download : Mark McGuire - A Pocket Full of Rain


Pumice - Quo

The work of Stefan Neville as Pumice, throughout its ten year plus existence, remains as one of the most relevant and prolific in the New Zealand experimental music scene.

Download : Pumice -Quo


Ben Woods - A Collection of Thoughts

A Collection of Thoughts is a debut record of piano based ambiance from Plymouth student Ben Woods. He creates audible representations of emotion and feelings with regard to situation, experience and circumstance. His music is predominantly piano based melodies but on more recent albums he has also been experimenting with turning songs into beautifully layered drones.

Download : Ben Woods - A Collection of Thoughts (2008)

All of Ben’s other releases can be downloaded legally and for free from his label Wise Owl Records.